Welcome to the Long Island Blood Bowl League, home of one of the largest leagues in North America.

Reigning Superb Owl Champion: BriGonJin, U.S.C.M. (United Slaughter Chaos Marines) (Chaos)
Reigning Montauk Cup Champion: The Mace, Hart Island Sirocco (Khemri)
Reigning Skull Cup Champion: BriGonJin, U.S.C.M. (United Slaughter Chaos Marines) (Chaos)

Current Season: Season 18
Next Tournament: Tournament of Champions - the last hurrah for the 2016 rule set. Every coach may bring back any team (that has gone through post season) from seasons 11 through 17. New coaches may launch new teams. We will do a World Cup-style tournament, managed on http://libbl.net/.

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Jan. 14th, 2022
2022 is here and it's game day!
We start a new year and the races have heated up. Come to Rip n Ship for all the action!
- mightyzuk
Dec. 18th, 2021
It's game day!
December's here and the LIBBL coaches are ready to take the pitch! 5 games highlight the slate for today.
- mightyzuk
Nov. 18th, 2021 - old news
November game day coming up!
The LIBBL hits midsession form this weekend as the coaches will be jockeying for position to make a late season run at the Montauk Cup. Come down to Rip n Ship or observe the action on the RnS Twitch channel!
- mightyzuk

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